Rainy Days are Crazy Days

What do you do when it’s one of the last days of summer and you’re trapped inside because it’s been raining for days?

Find a Box


Find the biggest box you can and turn it into a submarine. Then a rocket ship. Also a cave, a tunnel and a hideout. See how many kids and dogs you can fit inside of it before it collapses from the pressure.  Be sure to yell as loud as you can when the baby crawls inside with you. Babies like loud noises.

Tell Ghost Stories

ghost stories

When the power flickers for a moment, decide it’s a perfect opportunity to tell ghost stories.  Search through the house until you find a flashlight, gather on Mom’s bed, and use your imagination.

Gwen: I’m scared of ghost stories.

Kaylan: It’s ok, we’ll only tell fake ones.

Me: Um, as opposed to real ones?

Play Video Games

video games

Create crazy worlds in Minecraft, trap monsters in Skylanders, or whatever else makes you happy. It’s more fun in your pajamas, so feel free not to get dressed.  It’s not like you can go outside.

Make Extra Money

chore list

Pull out the chore list that you haven’t looked at all summer, and try to do everything on it…twice…so you can clean out Mom’s wallet.

Sydney: I’ll mop!

Kaylan: No, I want to mop!

Me: There’s plenty of mopping to go around.

Finish Indoor Projects


Have any unfinished inside projects? Rainy days are a perfect time to do that.  Make sure you and your helpers wear a hard hat and safety goggles, because some people are less coordinated with tools than others.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Days are Crazy Days

  1. Sounds like a fun rainy day and at least the baby didn’t take the hammer into the box and smash the screamers! You all know how to have fun! Except the chores..but they look happy! You always make me laugh baby.


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