The six stages of cleaning the kids’ rooms

This is a public service announcement. Before you make decisions about how to spend your day, take a moment to think back on times you made similar choices. What was the outcome? Was that a good choice or a bad choice? After you paid the consequences, did you look back and think it was worth it? And if you happen to blog, like me, go back and reread some of your posts, for the love of God, and follow your own advice. (This time I found a stash of sippy cups under the bed with rancid milk…yummy).


Every now and then I flip through those Pottery Barn Kids catalogues, or look through Pinterest at pictures of beautifully organized playrooms, and think – we could do this, we can make the children’s rooms look nice like this.  Then I wake up and remember that I have kids that actually live in their rooms.  They play there, they bring their friends there, and sometimes they even sleep in there.  No matter how many cute storage things I try, mess happens.  Over the years I’ve discovered there are six distinct stages of dealing with this mess.

Stage 1:  Optimism

This is the stage when you’re first thinking of tackling the room cleaning.  You think to yourself, I’m feeling fairly refreshed, let’s clean the kids’ rooms. If we all work together, it should only take about an hour.  If you’re having this thought, grab a cool rag and lay down…

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